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8th-Feb-2017 02:25 am - More Storm Hawks Artwork
Hello there.

It's been a few years since we last chatted, hasn't it?

A fan and friend reminded me of the show and the fandom. Since Mike left us it's been a quiet few years here. He wouldn't have been pleased to hear we all went so quiet...I miss his enthusiasm and love of the show. Rest in peace buddy.

With DHX's acquisition of Nerd Corps there is likely no chance for another season. But it's ok to relive some of the highlights of the episodes we got.

I wanted to share more matte paintings I came across.

From Katherine Laflamme's website:

Katherine also put togehter the promotional poster we're familiar with:

Previously we saw some beautiful art work from Alicia Lumb. The post is here. Alas, the links to many things on this site are now dead. Thankfully we have photos and videos and screenshots of things that are no longer online.

A lot of effort went into creating this show. We can only thank everyone that gave their all to make Storm Hawks such a fantastic show.

I hope you are all well and enjoying life.
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Ran across this randomly.

See here: http://maryglasgowplus.com/mgm_books/23003

There is a resource sheet with answers, a fact file, a sample chapter, and some audio (not featuring original VAs, but some Brits with alarming pronounciation of Mr. Fipke's name). So teachers can incorporate Storm Hawks into their classroom teaching. Can you imagine that?

The Storm Hawks TV Tropes page is quite hilarious. It also has interesting information about the original plot. I'm sticking this in here for laughs and a review. It's been like 4 years. :/

Storm Hawks will be airing in Germany on YEP!TV.

And the voice of Aerrow, Samuel Vincent, is back as the voice of the main character Eli Shane for Nerd Corps' new series, Slugterra. The voices of Lee Tockar (who voiced Wren...I seriously didn't know a guy voiced her ^^'), Mark Oliver (The Colonel/Cook/Mr. Moss), Brian Drummond (Carver/Gull/Dealer/Hamish), Scott McNeil (Stork/etc.), Matt Hill (Finn), and Kathleen Barr (Lynn/Pork Chop) also voice characters in this series. Going by the trailer it looks like a fun series, and the slugs look cute and funny.

Keep flying high my friends.
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17th-Aug-2011 03:33 am - Long time no post!
Why hello there my friends. Or enemies. Really, do you hate me? I suppose it's because I post so infrequently you might have developed some hatred. Or something.

So here I am with an update on Nerd Corps' activities.

They're back with a new show created by the talented Mr. Asaph Fipke (who just happened to create the show in my user name *ahem*) called "Rated A for Awesome". Now you might ask, "What can you tell me about this show?" And I must truthfully answer: Not much! Except that the voice cast for the show is straight out of Storm Hawks. Piper and Aerrow are siblings. Carver, Junko, and Dove round out the main cast. It's airing on Disney XD in the States and UK. It's on YTV, but I'm not sure about the schedule. It premeired on June 20 and there are 26 episodes in the first season.

Check out the Wikipedia and Disney XD pages for more info.

Oh! And Nerd Corps now has its own Wikipedia page. It's more up to date than their website it seems (which doesn't even have Rate A for Awesome on it).

And a quick thank you to everyone who continues to watch videos and comments about Storm Hawks. If I had a million bucks perhaps I could force them to get an episode out but since I don't gamble I don't think that'll be happening. :'(

ps. Shall we do a Storm Hawks re-watch marathon thing? I was thinking of rewatching an episode or two a day. University starts on Sept. 12 for me so I've got around 26 days. 52 episodes / 2 episodes a day = 26 days Anyone want to join me in discussing these episodes? 
aerrow & piper
30th-Jan-2011 07:02 pm - Writer's Block: Looney times
What was your favorite childhood cartoon, and why?


Magic Schoolbus is close and a non-cartoon show would definitely be Polka Dot Shorts. There was also this show that aired briefly, I think it was called "My Little Planet", that was great. It had all sorts of stuff about environmentalism. I've come to realize that my interest in the environment probably stems from the show. Here's a link to part of an episode in French.

And I don't think I need to say what my favourite non-childhood cartoon is. Just look at my name.
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11th-Dec-2010 05:18 am - {Fanwriting} Episode 1 of Season 3
Cross posting from Eye of the Storm.

Note: This has not been confirmed or anything!

Cut for lengthCollapse )

To add to that, it's just something I was thinking about. You guys don't need to get on board for this, but I'd love it if you would. The fandom's great, I've known that for a long time. It'd just be nice to do something together.
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27th-Oct-2010 08:49 pm - Storm Hawks 3D Puzzles
Yes, I can finally reuse that tag of mine! w00t.

Ahem. On to the real post.

So I went to Ebay and got an account since I have a couple of unsellable textbooks (they changed editions, textbooks, etc.) and to test out my new account I decided to buy some Storm Hawks stuff. And guess what I got? That's right!
Big picture under the cutCollapse )

Happy November in advance!

ps. Billy Rex came to Toronto! I'll tell you guys more info/put up pics after discussing with him what's ok to share. We had a lot of fun and tried to go meet Ken at Nerd Corps' office, but he wasn't there. :(
aerrow & piper
4th-Aug-2010 06:20 pm - The Fanblog lives!
Good news my friends!

YTV is airing Storm Hawks! I caught an episode a little while back ("What Got Into Finn?") and it seems to be airing pretty regularly. Check the site for show times.

What does this mean? IDK. Your guess is as good as mine. But, I'd say this at least means that YTV hasn't given up on the show that it helped create. And that Storm Hawks still rocks. (BTW, it's still on Nickelodeon. So now it's on two channels. Yay?)

I posted an entry in my other journal a long while back about a Nerd Corps video. But that one's kinda dead, so I'll post it here too now. Sorry for the delay.

According to Nerd Corps' updated (finally!) website, Storm Hawks is a completed project. You can find out info about their other projects as well. I guess that's it for the show. We'll see what becomes of this blog.

Scott McNeil will be at Mizu Con in Miami. The convention runs August 20-22. See ANN for more info.

A bit late, but congrats to Nerd Corps for winning the 2010 Leo Awards for Best Program or Series, Best Direction/Storyboarding in an Animation Program or Series, and Best Screenwriting in an Animation Program or Series for LOSE. See here. (Hat tip to VFS Blog for the info.)

Here are some pictures of Ace Fipke and his funky ties. All credit to the Leo Awards site.

Pics under the cutCollapse )
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25th-Feb-2010 07:14 pm - 2010 OLYMPICS!!

As you may or may not know, the 21st Winter Olympic games are happening right now in Vancouver, Canada. I suggest you watch them. Why? Because,

1. They're in Canada. I'm in Canada.
2. Storm Hawks is from Vancouver. [See Nerd Corps' website here.]

So that's the SH connection. Anyways, they've been exciting so far, in addition to being a bit sad and full of unexpected things. So I suggest you watch, before the closing ceremonies on Sunday.

And two apologies before I end the post. The first is that this post should've come on the first day of the Olympics but I ended up working late and was exhausted. The second is if I've missed your birthday. I don't hate you or anything! I'm really sorry. Life's unexpected and busy. So sorry and happy birthday!

Go Canada go!

ps. There is a player on the Canadian women's hockey team entitled Cherie Piper. And the team won gold. Piper won gold! *happy*
1st-Jan-2010 11:26 pm - Storm Hawks Day on YTV (+ credit)

Hey everyone. Hope you enjoyed the first day of the new decade.

I wanted to let you know that YTV has declared Saturday, January 9 to be Storm Hawks Day! Episodes will be airing from 1 to 6 pm. I don't know if these are from season 1, season 2, or a mix, but if you get YTV, you should tune in and let them know that you're happy that this day exists. Thanks to YTV's January newsletter for the info.

A screenie from the newsletter (for proof, of course):

I must admit, I saw Dark Ace and I was instantly intrigued. (And squeeing a bit. In my head of course.) Yay for YTV for having SH news in their newsletter two months in a row!

Also, I have been given permission to let you know the name of my lovely informant who gave us spoilers from Australia when the second season was airing there. Everyone, please give your heartfelt thanks to Japaneacher! She's a great person, and very kind for putting in all that hard work at such a busy time. Words cannot express my gratitude to her.

And I found out one of my mom's friend's daughter is a big SH fan! She loved my fangirly stories. Fandom families are awesome.
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31st-Dec-2009 10:06 pm - Happy New Year! (+ winners post)

Happy new year everyone!

I hope 2010 will be a successful, peaceful year for you all. Let's hope for world peace and other things that you should answer in a beauty pageant (note: this is in reference to the movie Miss Congeniality...sorry for my randumbness!).

So I did the draw a bit earlier today, and there were 8 participants. I put everyone's names on roughly equal sized strips of paper (roughly because I was folding + tearing...can't find my scissors at this time in my house since we're packing/renovating/re-carpeting [le sigh]). I folded the strips in half so I couldn't see names.

Here's a pic from before the draw:

Waah *sobs* It turned out to be tiny. But pretty much, it's the names in a glass and my hand's there. So not exciting. After all that it's time to say...

And the winners are:

LJ cut for more anticipation! (/shamelessness)Collapse )
-Piper out for 2009
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